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Knowledge is NOT power, knowledge put into action is! People spend countless hours listening to experts but very few take action on the knowledge they acquire even though one small action could dramatically change their life.

One-on-one business resilience and economic outcome coaching is highly personalized. To build, grow and protect your wealth and freedom you first must understand the geopolitical landscape and master the skill of communication, connection, and influence. Understanding how the geopolitical game of chess is play will help you navigate through these unpredictable and challenging times with more ease and clarity.

Using methods that we have developed and perfected over many years working with US governments, policymakers, high level business executives and business owners around the world we will work with your specific goals and in partnership with you to create a custom plan for your growth and sustained success. 


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Our expertise is not cheap, to succeed you will have to invest in your business and in yourself. But going strait to the experts is much less expensive than the time you’ll spend searching for answers and hoping to find the right one. 

RATE: $5000.00/hour


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