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What's Happening in the world should not be a Mystery but unfortunately it is


With conflicting narratives and high information volatility you need skills to figure out what to pay attention to, so you won't miss what is likely to come next and be able to assess the impact and implications it may have for you.

  You need Skills to DeMystify Mystery



You feel Information Overload from all that's coming at you

You don't know which outlets to trust.

Government, news, friends & family?


You don't know how to take actions, even though you know changes are happening

It doesn't have to be this way.

You don’t have to get lost in the overload, not knowing what to do with what you are seeing happen around the world.

Join No-Nonsense Politics and get everything you need to become a competent analyst who doesn’t just sound like they understand what's going on in the world -- you’ll actually know how the world works and what to do about it.


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The Game is rigged against you, let's level the playing field!

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Stop the information overload, find peace in your own truth. 

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We join in on the conversations too! 

For a Limited Time, Join the course LIVE

Once it has been fully recorded, the No-Nonsense Politics Course will be over $1000, but right now, we want to give you the chance to engage with us LIVE as we deliver the classes. 

You will be our VIPs as we deliver all 7 classes bi-weekly! (Some will be On-Demand already!) 

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For a Limited Time, Join the course LIVE

Once it has been fully recorded, the Secrets of our Rapidly Changing World Course will be over $1000, but right now, we want to give you the chance to engage with us LIVE as we deliver the classes. 

You will be our VIPs as we deliver all 10 classes bi-weekly! (Some will be On-Demand already!) 

At Geopolitics in Conflict we know that you want to be confident, strong and know what to do as the world changes... order to do that you need a clear and accurate way to deal with the information coming at you the problem is you can see things are escalating around the world, you don’t know which outlets to trust, and you’re being overloaded with information which makes you feel confused and powerless

We believe the game is rigged against us. That what’s going on in the world is a complex system that the every day person has no power over and hasn’t been taught to make sense of.

We understand how hard it can be to really figure out what on earth is going on as the world changes in ways that seem chaotic. But it’s not chaotic, there patterns, cycles and ways that similar things have happened before. 

Which is why we have gained skills and techniques over our lifetimes to see those patterns and influence our own lives & the lives of those we work with. Now we want to share them with you.  

Here is how we do it: 

  1. We give you Tools and skill sets through online classes
  2. We invite you into a community of like-minded people so that you aren’t alone
  3. We have BONUS Live Q&A’s to answer your most pressing questions as they happen

So get access to No-Nonsense Politics now!

In the meantime check out our free PDF, "3 Ways To Know If You’re Hearing Truth or Lies"... you can stop the stress of information overload and instead be in charge of your own truth.

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Get Some of the most important skills & techniques we have learned over our lifetimes. 

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Meet Your Instructors: 

Dr. David Oualaalou, PhD.

Host of the Geopolitics in Conflict Show

Dr. Oualaalou has extensive knowledge of geographical environments and settings, having served as an analyst in the United States Armed Forces and with the security agencies of the United States government in Washington and around the world for fifteen years. 

In addition to analysis of security policy and intelligence, advice on security operations, leadership and managerial responsibilities, and successful advice on foreign military threats, economic trends, and security issues, David served high-profile U.S. military and civilian officials. Over the past decade, he has also worked at several US agencies: the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, as an international security analyst as well as a French and Arabic linguist. 

His books on a wide range of politically relevant topics have been widely acclaimed throughout the world. With his academic, linguistic, and cultural background, along with his substantial international experience, David has been able to provide organizations with invaluable insight into geopolitical trends and the potential political, economic, and security risks they face abroad. 

Presently David consults with organizations on a range of issues such as regional tensions, ethnic and ideological hostilities, trade and economic conflicts, energy supplies, technology, food, as well as threats to human security, and activities of non-state actors.

Dr. Ross Stewart, PhD.

Co-Host of the Geopolitics in Conflict Show

Dr. Ross M Stewart holds Ph.D. in psychology. For more than 3 decades he has been working with C-level executives of multinational corporations, building executive teams and identifying vulnerabilities. He studied NLP and spent time teaching it with the original NLP reasourch team. Based on NLP, he developed the dynamic Performance Profile (used around the world) that allows for rapid diagnosis of personality problems and pinpoints personal issues that contribute to ineffective decision making, lack of communication, and trust. 

To enhance the results of his interactions with the leadership Dr.Stewart uses Neuroscience based brain-enhancing strategy that allows his clients to experience powerful communication, eliminate stress and boost productivity and creativity in both the workplace and in personal life.

Elizabeth Ann Stewart

Co-Host of the Geopolitics in Conflict Show & Host of The Heart of the Warrior Show

Elizabeth holds a degree in Global Business. Having the opportunity to visit business organizations in China, India and South Korea among others gives her unique understanding of the impact of geopolitics on the economy. 

Elizabeth's passion however, is to understand human behavior. She mastered the skill of communication, connection and influence. Elizabeth specializes in helping leaders expand their emotional and nonverbal intelligence so that they are able to better connect, influence and assess the situation on hand. She understands the most effective way to read the emotions in any given situation as well as assess the credibility of people in high stakes scenarios. Her knowledge in the areas of emotional intelligence, nonverbal communication and lie detection is based on the practical application of scientific research.