Who Really Rules America?


Uncover the Power Dynamics of America's Complex Governing System From Inspiring History to Today's Reality.

 In this eye-opening interactive course we will explore the structure of the government and how understanding it can empower you to make informed decisions for yourself and your family on a wide range of issues. This isn't just learning; it's about building a compass to navigate the labyrinth of governmental complexities. It's about cutting through the noise and finding the truth. It's about empowering you to play your part in the grand narrative of our nation. Prepare to be intrigued, challenged, and empowered. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together.



We'll uncover the hidden powers that shape the nation and explore the complex web of political forces at play. From the Constitution to the branches of government, we'll reveal the secrets that keep the wheels of democracy turning. Don't miss this chance to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the USA! 


Turn Chaos Into Knowledge

Discover the two faces of America as we journey through the land of the free, where citizens exercise their right to choose their leaders within the framework of the Constitution. We will also delve into the America's hidden network of power that governs behind the scenes, including the media, Wall Street, pharma, the military industrial complex, and corporations. Uncover the truth about the forces that shape the United States.

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  • Discover the real history of the U.S. Constitution and the erosion of its foundation. 
  • Explore the factors and events that have contributed to the weakening of this vital document and its principles and the impact these changes have on our society today. 
  • Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the United States government and the crucial role Congress plays in shaping our nation. 

  • Unravel the intricate connections between politics, money, and power, and learn how this complex web of influence and control governs our societies and the impact it have on our lives.  

  • Discover the entities shaping policy behind the scenes! Uncover the hidden forces and powerful, corrupted self interest players that influence decision-making in politics and government.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the complex world of policy-making and the unseen factors that drive our societies.

  • Explore how the U.S. Government shapes the global economic landscape and how the policies, strategies, and decisions made by the United States impact on the world economy.

  • Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between politics, economics, and international relations. 

  • Learn valuable strategies to make informed choices that benefit your loved ones. Enhance your family's well-being and harmony by making smarter decisions together. 

Unraveling the Mystery: The Hidden Forces Shaping US Politics and Global Stability"

We dive deep into the hidden world of US politics exploring the factors contributing to the nation's instability explore the behind-the-scenes power dynamics, and discuss the implications for the global economy and international relations. 

We will provide well-researched information and expert analysis, so you better understand the complexities of the current political landscape and be empower to make informed decisions.











How the US Government Works... or Doesn't LIVE Course

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What's Included In The LIVE Course...


Constitutional Betrayal: The Systematic Undermining of America's Sacred Text

Chapter 1: The Erosion of the Foundation of the US Constitution

Step into this harrowing exploration of how the bedrock of our nation, the US Constitution, is being chipped away, bit by bit, by shadowy interests and unchecked agendas. Embark on a journey that doesn’t just skim the surface but plunges deep into the subversive efforts that threaten to distort and dismantle the vision of our Founding Fathers.



The Congressional Charade: From Public Servants to Self-Serving Elites

Chapter 2: Legislative Branch: Congress

Buckle up for a deep dive into the once-noble halls of Congress, where the people's representatives have been replaced by power-hungry opportunists. Explore the transformation of this institution from a bastion of democracy into an elite club where loyalty to personal interests overshadows the duty to the nation.



Justice on Trial: Unmasking the Rot in America's Supreme Sanctuary

Chapter 3: Judicial Branch: Supreme Court

Prepare yourself for an unsettling journey into the hallowed halls of America's Supreme Court, where the guardians of justice are supposed to reign. This chapter pulls no punches, shedding light on the disturbing trend where the judicial branch, often regarded as the nation's moral compass, finds itself mired in controversies of corruption and compromise.



The Presidency: From Leader of the Free World to Puppets of the Powerful

Chapter 4: Executive Branch: The Presidency

Steel yourself for a no-holds-barred exploration of the evolution of America's most prominent office – the Presidency. Once hailed as a beacon of democratic leadership, has this revered position now become merely a facade, dancing to the tunes of hidden power brokers and shadowy interests?



The Puppeteers Behind the Curtain: Lobbyists & Interest Groups Exposed

Chapter 5: Interest Groups/Lobbyists

Prepare for a gut-wrenching descent into the shadowy recesses of American politics. Ever questioned why certain policies seem inexplicably tilted toward select interests? In this blistering chapter, we blow the lid off the discreet, yet overwhelmingly powerful realm of lobbyists and interest groups.



Two-Party Tyranny: The Stranglehold on American Democracy

Chapter 6: Political Parties

Brace yourself for a raw, unfiltered journey into the heart of America's political machinery. Ever wondered how, in a land so diverse and vast, only two parties dominate the discourse, leaving countless voices unheard and marginalized? In this unapologetic chapter, we tear apart the fabric of the two-party system, tracing its roots and exposing the grip it has on the psyche and behavior of American voters.



Media Manipulation: The Silent Puppeteer of the American Psyche

Chapter 7: The Media

Ever feel like the stories you see and hear are crafted more for theater than truth? That there's a script behind the "breaking news"? In this incendiary chapter, we pull back the curtain on the media's metamorphosis, from its role as the "Fourth Estate" - a watchdog of democracy - to its current avatar as a powerful player with its own vested interests and hidden agendas.



The Hidden Machinery: America's Foreign & Military Affairs Exposed

Chapter 8: Foreign & Military Policy

Steel yourself for an unflinching deep dive into the clandestine mechanics of US foreign and military policy. Ever pondered how decisions that impact millions, both domestically and across the globe, are truly made? In this electrifying chapter, we tear apart the polished façade of diplomacy to reveal the shadowy interplay of interests, agendas, and power games that shape America's moves on the global chessboard.



Discover Where the World is Headed by Looking at the Facts 

To know where we are going we first have to know how our nation's journey began. Join us on this enlightening journey through history as we delve into the creation of America's federal government, exploring the fascinating origins of the U.S.  Constitution and delving into the mind's of the influential individuals who signed this historic document. 

Don't miss this engaging journey through history. Uncover the stories behind the stories: the human slide of the people that created America’s federal government, established fundamental laws and legal structures while guaranteeing certain basic rights for citizens such as freedom of speech, press, religion………

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